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  • To be self-employed innhold

    To be self-employed innhold

    After more than 30 years as an employee, I chose to become self-employed focusing on digital content and digital expertise. If I could go back and start that journey all over again, and choose the timing myself, I probably would have done a lot in the opposite order. But even though it were challenging at…

  • Content tips and tricks

    Content tips and tricks

    As a content designer, I develop both visual and text-based content, and have the overall strategic responsibility for what is produced. I research new subjects, translate, publish and distribute content in different channels. What content to produce, how to produce it, how to keep it updated, where to distribute it, and how to get it…

  • Your Own Website?

    Your Own Website?

    With WordPress as your website platform you can choose among more than 10.000 free themes for the look & feel of your site, and more than 60.000 free plug-ins for different functionality. I have chosen to use WordPress to create & operate my websites, and for organizing of the content. I have chosen to deep…

  • New Digi-Business?

    New Digi-Business?

    Do you want to start something new? Create your own side hustle or a business to replace your day-to-day job? It is possible to move from an idea to a digital prototype and then launch a digital business – without any prior knowledge or coding skills. And you can get started on a low budget…